Northeastern University Graduate Programs

Reimagining the Graduate School Decision Process

Understand the needs of prospective graduate school students and use that insight to optimize the NU digital experience. Drive progression through the interest funnel to generate increased quality leads.


  1. Deep dive virtual ethnography.
    Interviews with graduate school candidates via a screen share and webcam to understand their motivations, decision process and needs (both expressed and implied).
  2. Requirements workshop and rapid prototyping.
    Requirements workshop to craft experience strategy and information architecture leading to a working Axure prototype.
  3. Design validation.
    Usability study to test the key scenarios with target segments and revise prototype based on feedback.
  4. Bring experience to life.
    Create style tiles and apply visual design to the prototype. Fully develop the site across mobile and desktop breakpoints.


A fully reimagined digital presence for graduate school candidates. Once dispersed content is now centralized into a cohesive experience with powerful tools to help in decision making within and across visits. More powerful lead generation strategies delivered contextually within the decision-making process.

“Our partnership with Zero Degrees has been invaluable in our quest to make broad improvements to the transactional aspects of our digital landscape. They’ve helped us build beautiful, user-friendly and highly functioning web products while ensuring our students are the ones driving the design through qualitative research and user testing.” Christine Celli AVP of Digital Experience Northeastern University

Case Studies