Vistaprint Corporate Portals

A Leap Forward

Vistaprint has a long heritage of success and innovation. But sometimes you have to clear a path by starting from scratch.

Emelia starts her first job.
Congrats Emelia!

Penny invites her to the company portal to order business cards.

Emelia logs in…
…finds a nice 2-sided template, all black
…fills in her info til it looks right
…sends for approval

…gets notified
…views the proofs and costs

Emelia gets her cards. So proud! So easy.

This story couldn’t be told on Vistaprint’s old corporate solutions platform, so we helped establish a new one.

What We Did

  1. Design Sprints
    A series of requirements workshops, prioritization discussions and rapidly prototyped design solutions
  2. Validation
    A usability study to test the key scenarios with target segments, then prototype revisions
  3. Visual Design System
    Creation of a flexible design container to accommodate partner co-branding
  4. Development
    Front-end code for re-usable component modules architected for flexibility, scalability and integration
  5. Test and Launch
    Collaboration with the client team to ensure bullet proof code
  6. Learn
    Evaluate the MVP with real clients and strategize future releases

What We Didn’t Do

Miss the deadline.

This project proved the value of an MVP approach. By starting with the essentials, Vistaprint was able to go from 0 to launch in a matter of months.

After MVP Vistaprint could start learning what users wanted next. It turns out it wasn’t a broader catalog or more personalization—they needed a better on-boarding process. We helped with that too.


A modern, compelling and intuitive commerce experience that is scaling seamlessly as we speak.

“The team from ZeroDegrees was an exceptional partner in the redesign of our portal—a business critical application. Their expertise in creating user-centered experiences was clear from the design and testing of interfaces to bringing it all to life with solid development expertise. The results are a significant uptick in retention and acquisition—and ZD was a major factor in that success.” Don Leblanc President Vistaprint Corporate Solutions at Cimpress

Case Studies