Vistaprint Mid Market Portal

A Flexible, Frictionless Funnel

Create a digital ordering solution for the VCS commercial mid-market audience from scratch and make it customizable to any client or industry. Architect an experience that presents inherently complex functionality in a streamlined flow while providing easy access to advanced features.


  1. Design sprint immersion.
    Conduct a series of four 3-week sprints to workshop requirements, prioritize functionality and rapidly prototype design solutions.
  2. Prototype validation.
    Usability study to test the key scenarios with target segments and revise prototype based on feedback.
  3. Visually designed prototype.
    Create a flexible design container to accommodate partner co-branding.
  4. Modular responsive development.
    Create re-usable modules that enable flexibility in the coding of content objects and A/B optimization across desktop and mobile devices.
  5. Test and launch.
    Collaborate with the VCS team to ensure bullet proof code.
  6. Learn.
    Evaluate the MVP with real clients and strategize towards future releases.


A modern, compelling and intuitive experience for targeted personas that scales seamlessly as their needs grow.

“The team from ZeroDegrees was an exceptional partner in the redesign of our corporate solutions portal–a business critical application. ZD’s experience in creating user centered experiences was clear in their rigorous and efficient approach to eliciting requirements, designing spot-on interfaces and then pressure testing designs with our customers. Their development team was fantastic in bringing the site to life while ensuring that the solution was elegant, secure and scalable. The portal redesign has resulted in a significant uptick in retention and acquisition and ZD was a major factor in that success.” Don Leblanc President Vistaprint Corporate Solutions at Cimpress

Case Studies